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Complete Dental Coorparoo & Elanora are always available to answer any questions you might have about your dental treatment or anything that isn’t mentioned below.

How often should I get a check-up?

Complete Dental recommends that you visit the dentist at least every six months. Even if you think you are the world’s best brusher and flosser, there are undoubtedly still parts of the mouth you are missing. Your dentist can regularly examine your mouth and ensure that there are no problematic areas.

Can I visit the dentist while pregnant?

It is perfectly safe to visit the dentist for a check-up while you are pregnant. In fact, it is strongly recommended that you do so. The hormones that are present during pregnancy can have impacts on your gums, causing them to become inflamed or infected. Gum disease has been linked to several overall health impacts and can be treated and by your dentist. You should always inform your dentist if you are pregnant beforehand.

What are dental implants made from?

Modern dental implants are made of titanium, which makes them extremely durable, stable and long-lasting. Dental implants are a small, screw-like rod that is inserted into the jawbone to replace a missing tooth. It is arguably the best option for replacing a missing tooth, as it functions exactly like your original tooth and usually cannot be told apart from it.

Does Medicare cover dental treatment?

Unfortunately, Medicare does not cover dental that you need primarily for the health of your teeth. At Complete Dental in Coorparoo & Elanora, we believe that the health of your teeth is of the utmost importance. For that reason, we have payment plans and partnerships with healthcare providers.

At Complete Dental Coorparoo & Elanora we do offer the Children’s Dental Benefits Scheme.

What is tooth decay?

Tooth decay is the destruction of the enamel – the hard outer layer – of the tooth. The first sign that your tooth is decaying may appear as a cavity, which is a small damaged part of the tooth. Cavities can be caused by bacteria, snacking, sipping sugary drinks and poor teeth cleaning. Brushing your teeth is usually is not enough to prevent any cavities from forming. It must also be supplemented with flossing and regular check-ups by your dentist.

How does oral health affect overall health?

Your oral health can have a significant impact on your overall health. Periodontitis or gum disease has been linked to health conditions heart disease, diabetes and kidney disease. Harmful bacteria can enter the body through the mouth, so it is imperative that you maintain good oral health to maintain overall health.

Teeth are your front line in digestion by chomping up food particles into smaller pieces ready for the stomach. If your chewing function is reduced due to missing teeth and discomforts in the mouth, this can ultimately put a burden on your digestive system.

How do I know if my teeth are healthy?

The only true way to know that your teeth are healthy, is to have them regularly checked by a dentist, like one of our friendly dentists at Complete Dental. However, some signs of a healthy mouth include pink and firm gums, clean, bright teeth free of marks, pain-free mouth function, no bleeding and normal-smelling breath.

What is the best way to whiten my teeth?

The best way to whiten your teeth is to have it done by a dental professional. At Complete Dental in Coorparoo & Elanora, we offer one of the most effective and popular whitening treatments available. Zoom! Whitening works in as little as two hours and teeth can be up to ten shades whiter. Our clinic also offers take-home kits if a more gradual option is more suitable and fits more comfortably with your lifestyle.