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Milk Teeth Are Important Too

Did you know the health of permanent teeth largely depend on the health of childhood milk teeth?

As a parent it’s heart breaking to see our children in pain and so we do our best to care for their health and wellbeing. Unfortunately, while their safety on a bike, in a car or simply during play is our priority, sometimes even the most responsible parent neglects their children’s dental health.

A healthy oral hygiene routine for kids

At Complete Dental we encourage good oral hygiene as soon as your child has their first tooth. By avoiding leaving toddlers and babies with bottles of milk and sugary drinks during sleep, cleaning their mouths with suitable tooth pastes and brushes (according to their age) and visiting the dentist for preventative care and also to catch problems as they start,

Help set your children up to become adults with healthy teeth and healthy oral hygiene habits.

We advise parents to avoid leaving toddlers and babies with bottles of milk or sugary drinks during sleep, and clean their mouths with suitable tooth pastes and brushes (according to their age). Also, be sure to visit your Coorparoo or Elanora dentist for preventative care to catch problems as they arise.

Learn more information about children’s dentistry and how our dentists can help kick-start your child’s oral health routine.

The team at Complete Dental have put together some common questions we hear from concerned parents.

When should children start going to the dentist?

Before a child’s first birthday or after their first tooth erupts is the best time to take your child for their first dentists appointment. Thereafter your child should see the dentists once every six months to have their teeth and gums monitored.

Can milk teeth rot?

Tooth decay is not only an adult problem and can affect children too if their teeth are not properly looked after. Learn more about how to correctly care for your baby’s teeth here.

What causes children’s teeth to rot?

Tooth decay in children happens in the same way as in adults. Bacteria build up in the mouth eats away at the child’s teeth causing decay and cavities. The most common cause is allowing a child to sleep with a bottle of milk or juice in their mouth or allowing them to suck on candy for long periods of time. A diet high in sugar and bad oral hygiene also contributes to tooth decay.

What should I do if my child has rotten teeth?

Once teeth have developed decay or a cavity, there is nothing that can be done at home – a visit to your dental professional is necessary. The dentist may need to put a filling in the tooth and if decay is extreme, a dental crown may be required to prevent the spreading of bacteria, further damage and pain. Dentists avoid prematurely extracting baby teeth as this may affect the child’s eating, speaking and the eruption of permanent teeth.

How often should children brush their teeth

Children like adults should brush their teeth twice a day (morning and night) for two minutes and follow a good oral hygiene routine which involves flossing and rinsing with anti-bacterial mouth wash.

Children’s Dentist Elanora

For more information or to book a consultation and show your little one how important it is to look after your teeth, please contact us today.