Important Facts to Know about Your Dental Care during Pregnancy

Important Facts to Know about Your Dental Care during Pregnancy

During pregnancy, excellent oral care is even more critical, and it’s crucial to make sure you visit us regularly for checkups and hygiene appointments. Routine dental care is perfectly safe during pregnancy and is highly recommended!


If you do need x-rays, it’s safest during the second trimester. You can rest assured we will take every precaution to protect you and your baby and will only take an x-ray if necessary.


Local anaesthetic is safe during pregnancy, so there is no need to postpone dental procedures requiring anaesthesia. In fact, it could be more harmful to do so.

Oral Health

Pregnancy changes hormonal levels and can increase gun sensitivity to oral bacteria. This can create a condition called pregnancy gingivitis so check your gums for signs of swelling, bleeding and tenderness. To reduce these effects, make sure you brush your teeth at least twice daily and floss once-a-day. Also, we may suggest more frequent dental cleanings to combat the effects of pregnancy gingivitis.

Dental Benefits

Finally, if you have a benefits plan check it carefully as sometimes it might include additional benefits for pregnant women, for example, extra cleanings to help prevent pregnancy gingivitis.