How to Snack Smarter

How to Snack Smarter

If you rely on snacks to keep your energy levels high between meals, it’s worth trying to choose healthier options as the beneficial effects can add up.

Eat More Fruits and Vegetables

Most of us fail to eat the recommended portions of fruits and vegetables each day, so use your snacks to top up. At this time of year, locally produced fresh fruits and vegetables are everywhere and are packed with nutrients.

Eat More Dairy

Dairy products are a valuable source of calcium and protein, and they make great snack foods. Think about eating more protein and calcium-rich cheese or use cottage cheese as a dip for fresh fruit. Choose sugar-free yoghurt instead of flavoured yoghurts that are often heavily sweetened.

Build Snacks That Will Keep You Full for Longer

Build snacks by pairing healthy ingredients such as wholegrain crispbreads with almond or peanut butter. Peanut butter also goes well with celery. Sugar-free yoghurt is another good option that pairs well with fresh fruits and vegetables. Pair healthy oatmeal with unsweetened nut milk and add fresh berries or fruit.

Cut Back on Sugary Snacks

If possible, avoid sugary snacks as these increase acidity levels in the mouth, weakening your tooth enamel. Repeatedly eating sugary snacks increases the risk of cavities greatly. When the urge for something sweet is too much to resist, have it as part of your main meal.