How to Enjoy Your Chocolate Without Distressing Your Dentist

How to Enjoy Your Chocolate Without Distressing Your Dentist

With Easter around the corner, you may already have a stockpile of chocolate goodies. However, have you thought about the possible harm to your teeth?

Eating too much chocolate can cause cavities as wherever you have something sweet, the bacteria in your mouth use sugars to create energy. Unfortunately, they also create a weak acid that will gradually erode your tooth enamel. But there is some good news as with a little bit of thought you can still enjoy your Easter chocolate without causing cavities.

When choosing your Easter treats, opt for chocolate rather than sticky toffee or caramel, or very acidic sweets. Sticky sweets will stick on your teeth far longer than chocolate that melts quite quickly. Very acidic sweets can worsen the damage caused by acid erosion.

Resist the temptation to graze on chocolate eggs throughout the day. The more frequently you snack on chocolate, the more often your teeth are exposed to acid. Instead, plan to eat them during a main meal.

When you finish enjoying something sweet, rinse your mouth with water which will help to get rid of the acid more quickly. Wait at least half an hour before brushing to allow pH levels in your mouth to neutralise.